NYPD Releases Previously Unseen Photographs of Collapsing Twin Towers

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has released a series of previously unseen aerial photographs that document the collapse of the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. The Twin Towers were destroyed in a devastating terror attack conducted by Al-Qaeda, acting in accord with the 1998 fatwa issued against the United States and its allies. After the terrorists had flown a pair of passenger jets into the skyscrapers, the only vehicles allowed in the air space near the World Trade Center were police helicopters, which is where these newly released photos were taken from. The photographer was Detective Greg Semendinger, who allegedly took three rolls of film with a Minolta camera, plus 245 digital photos. Many of the latter have been published since then, but his film shots were only released yesterday, after ABC News had filed a Freedom of Information Act request back in 2009.

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شرطة مدينة نيويورك أصدرت سلسلة من الصور الجوية التي لم تر من قبل وثيقة انهيار برجي مركز التجارة العالمي في 11 سبتمبر 2001. ودمرت برجي مركز التجارة العالمي في هجوم إرهابي مدمر التي أجريت من قبل القاعدة ،  والمركبات الوحيدة المسموح بها في الفضاء الجوي بالقرب من مركز التجارة العالمي كانت مروحيتان تابعتان للشرطة ، والذي هو مصدر هذه الصور التي نشرت مؤخرا واخذت من المصور  المخبر جريج Semendinger ، الذي زعم أنه استغرق ثلاث لفات من الفيلم مع كاميرا مينولتا ، بالإضافة إلى 245 الصور الرقمية.

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