Pentax X70 Review



 Effective Pixels 12 megapixels
Type 1/2.33″ CCD
Sensitivity Auto, Fixed (ISO 50 – 6400)
Image Size
Still 12M, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1, 7M, 5M, 3M, 1024, 640
Movie 1280, 848, 640, 320
Shake Reduction
Type CCD-Shift-Type (SR : Shake Reduction)
Hi-sensitivity anti-shake mode (Digital SR)
Movie shake reduction mode (Movie SR)


OK, on one level the unassuming looking Pentax X70 feels free of frills; there’s no tilting rear screen, option to add external flash via a hotshoe, nor the ability to shoot in Raw as an alternative to JPEG, as offered on rival models towards the higher end of the pricing scale, but that said, if you can find an Internet pricing around the £300 mark, the X70 offers fair value. At full asking price £369 it feels a tad too dear to truly have the ‘X’ factor.

So can one size truly fit all when it comes to the myriad demands of the digital photographer? Well, it’s worth noting that operationally, the X70 shouldn’t daunt anyone trading up from a compact or those looking to supplement their choice of DSLR with a more portable, reasonably versatile snapper. Plus, there’s no doubting that having such an extensive lens reach at your disposal shoehorned into a relatively compact and lightweight chassis has its advantages. And once you’ve used the likes of Pentax X70 to achieve a wider range of compositions than you would normally with either a compact or standard lens kit DSLR, returning to either (with a typical 3x reach).